Artifacts About Me

On The Water

My parents practically raised my sister, brother and I on our sailboat. Some of my fondest memories from childhood were made on that boat, sailing to different islands and sharing stories in the cockpit with family and friends. A moment that I wish could have lasted forever was when two of my girlfriends and I jumped off the stern and into floaties while watching the sunset.


When my brother introduced my to rap music, at an age when I shouldn’t have been exposed to such profanity, he definitely didn’t realize the positive effects it would have on me and my career. Ever since, I’ve always been inspired by the stories and struggles that are expressed in R&B, hip hop and rap music. This music ignited inspiration and a new source of creativity in me. I love to pay tributes to certain artists that I truly appreciate by designing art pieces for them, whether that be in a drawing, embroidered on a jacket, etc.


One of the best learning experiences I’ve had was when I got accepted into RAC, or the RISD Art Circle. Not only did I grow into a better, less judgmental person, but I learned about how museums work and what it’s like to curate an art exhibit. I met local artists that were passionate about what they were doing and who continued to do what they loved  even if they weren’t being acknowledged or paid sufficiently for their work. I developed amazing friendships with people that I now can’t live without.

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