Project 2: Drawing into Design – The Continuing Curve

For this project we had to choose a case study from the history of global decorative arts. I was most interested in the Arms and Armor collection in the Metropolitan Museum. This collection is composed of firearms, swords, and body protection from different cultures and time periods.

The ornateness of each of the weapons/armor pieces in this collection was amazing. Not only were these things used in battle for protection and slaying, but they were pieces of art with extravagantly embellished symbols and war scenes. These pieces translate war into an art form. The animals and other depictions distracted me from recognizing them as weapons, and instead fascinated me with their beauty. For this project I created a design on Adobe Illustrator that was inspired by this exhibit. I then took that design and repeated it so that it became a pattern.

Inspiration from the Metropolitan Museum

and Proof of Attendance



Inspiration Pages


Adobe Illustrator Designs and Color Swatches

Graphite Sketch Turned into Illustrator File

Final Design

Final Pattern

Digital Inspiration Board

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