Bridge 1 – Reflection PPJ – 02/09/18

1.How did you choose the images that you visualized?

I came up with my ideas, wrote them down, then started executing them. There were a couple that I didn’t like how they turned out so I got rid of them and started the process all over.

2. How did you choose the medium you selected for each piece?

I used Bristol paper in all of my pieces because I wanted them to have rigidity. I chose sharpies for “Ironic Chaos” because I wanted some words to be big and bold and others to be small and thin. But I wanted all of them to be in the same black color. For “Place on the Rocks Drawing” I wanted to use oil pastels because they are very smooth and easy to blend. In “Vulnerability Through Self-Expression” I used colored pencils because they are creamy and easy to control. I added tacks because I wanted small sharp objects to protrude from the paper. For “Place on the Rocks” I used sharpie because I wanted the words and letters to be crisp. I also used colored pencils because they are, again, easy to control and I could make faint drawings behind the words. In “Flashing Chaos” I use tracing paper because I wanted to make the photos underneath difficult to see.

3. How did you choose how to present the work?

The pieces were meant to be hung or tacked onto the wall. “Ironic Chaos” was supposed to be next to “Flashing Chaos” and on the next line, “Place on the Rocks” was supposed to be next to “Place on the Rocks Drawing.” “Vulnerability Through Self-Expression” was supposed to be on the third line by itself. However when I came into class I just left them on my desk so viewers could pick them up in their hands and see the pieces close up.

4. How did you choose to connect/ or not connect the pieces to each other?

I connected all the pieces to each other by the object in which inspired them, my notepad. Some pieces connected through the same feelings and emotions. The only physical similarity with all them is that they were made from Bristol paper but otherwise they were created with different designs and color palettes so they don’t all visually work together. I also didn’t connect them physically. They were meant to be individual pieces presented in the group.

5. How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about presenting your writing – note keeping?

I felt relieved presenting my writing because I think documenting your thought process is incredibly important to understanding the intent of your work. I also always want to explain myself so even if I can’t do it in person, my artist statement and project descriptions help the viewers understand what I’m trying to get across.

6. How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about showing your work?

I really enjoy showing my work when I’m happy with how it came out. I want people to see it and understand what I’m thinking and potentially be able to relate to it. I also enjoy feedback and seeing what I can improve on. However, I don’t really like DAI’s because their is no opportunity for the artist to explain them self or receive feedback from classmates or the teacher.

7. How did it feel to have the DAI happen with you present?

I feel like my classmates could have filled out the DAI’s without me there because none of them had questions. I don’t think it made a difference whether I was there or not.

8. How did you choose your questions for the audience/ viewers?

Not all of the questions were the same for each person. I literally just thought of questions that I had about each piece and then tried to answer them.

9. What changes would you make to the work if you have to do another iteration?

I enjoyed the message I was trying to get across in “Flashing Chaos” and I liked the use of tracing paper because I rarely use it. However I didn’t love the end product. It isn’t boring, I was just over it really quickly. So maybe I would physically redo that piece but keep the concept the same. Also I would have loved to make 3D sculptures for this series so if that was an option I would have definitely utilized it.

10. If there was something that you could have shared with your viewers to bring additional context or understanding, what would it be?

If my viewers had read my five day analysis of my object before they saw my art pieces they might have had a better understanding of the pieces right off the bat. However I don’t think that is necessary for the viewers to understand my intent.

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