Marketing Strategy Wicked Problem

I decided to create a marketing strategy to address my wicked problem. I chose a company that I wanted to partner with so that they could put my advertising on their paper products. I chose Panera because people of all different incomes buy from Panera. The point is not to have homeless buy from Panera and see my packaging, but people with a little more money to see the advertising and acknowledge that they might know someone who could use my facility and recommend it to them. Also, I didn’t want a company that had drive-throughs because then the customers wouldn’t be looking at the packaging, they’d be watching the road. Instead I chose Panera because it serves inexpensive food that is more often then not, eaten in their seating area.

This was the first flier I designed to be stapled to a pole or handed out before I started the packaging idea.

After deciding to put my advertising on Panera’s packaging, I designed an illustrator file with different paper product nets. I used those net shapes and overlaid colors and words on top.

I then printed it out, and cut out the shapes. I looked at the initial nets to figure out where to fold.

(initial nets from the Internet)

I thought folding the paper would be difficult, but because of my prior experience with paper folding in my Space and Materiality class, it was easier than I thought.

I created a paper bag,  fries container, burger container, and salad container. I know Panera doesn’t sell fries or burgers but it’s a visual and physical representation of the concept.


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