Hi Everyone! Recently I did two big photoshoots, one for my Visual Communications (VC) class and the other for my Design Studio (DS). The Visual Communication shoot was based on juxtaposing textures. Their were photos with models that I styled in clothing with contrasting textures. The VC shoot also included photos I took around the city of textures of buildings, nature, and other objects. The DS shoots was more about the models wearing clothing that represented my heritage in a more current fashion. One model wore a kilt as a dress and another wore it as a mini skirt with a crop top. I also made sure that in the VC photoshoot the models were also wearing more current Irish outfits. One model wore a long white prairie dress and the other wore an Aaron sweater. This post is just the photos from the shoots but their will be separate posts for each final presentation.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with these assignments. I really enjoy styling people and scoping cool locations and objects for the models to play with. I also really liked photographing the models and editing the photos.

Edited VC Photos


Unedited VC Photos




Unedited Natural VC Photos


Unedited DS Photos

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