History of Fashion Final Proposal

This is a Bergdorf Goodman 1939 advertisement. The artist was Rene Bouet-Willaumez and the imagery features Delman shoes, a Rose Descat hat, and bolero, slacks and blouse from Bergdorf. I found this image interesting because of the summery, causal setting. I want to research more about Bergdorf during this time. I also wanted to chose a subject with pants to further explore the beginnings of women wearing trousers. I am currently developing a resort wear brand for creative tech so I think researching the clothing illustrated in this drawing will not only make me generally informed but it will also specifically help with my CT assignment. 


This is a 1930 clipping illustrated by Reynaldo Luza for the couturier Callot Soeurs. For my second choice, I wanted to choose an image of a 30s wedding dress because wedding dresses are so person specific yet they often include aspects that reflect the trends of the decade. This style of clothing is very different from anything that I wear but that’s what intrigues me. I would like to learn more about what certain hem lines, hair styles, and collar shapes say about the American women from the 30s so that I can try to figure out why this particular design was illustrated. That way, if I ever design a wedding dress I will know what trends to incorporate while including timeless, elegant details. 


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