“Cruella” Jacket Creative Tech

After the lined skirt, I had to make a jacket. I wanted to create a jacket where the buttons did not lie flat. I envisioned  them sticking out on a whole other piece so that the buttons weren’t on the bodice. I then continued that idea of having protruding rectangles all over the jacket so I put them around the neck, shoulders, and sleeves. I wanted the jacket to give off a very boxy yet powerful feel and I wanted the face to be partly concealed when all the buttons were done up.

Drafting the sleeve

Playing with length of sleeve and collar

Experimenting with different collars

Finishing up the muslin jacket

Attempt at simplifying the collar into one pattern piece. It did not work out as planned.

Collar details

I chose to have a few big buttons on the front which I realized would not keep someone warm if the wind or cold was coming right at them so I added a zipper.

Starting the final piece. Cutting out the rectangles with heat adhesive interfacing.

Sewed the back and front together at the side seam and then attached the white shoulder panels in between the shoulder seam.

Attaching the collar around the neck.

Added the rectangles to the sleeves.

Finished the sleeve and shoulder rectangles.

Put the buttons on the inside of the two layers that made up one rectangle so that no stitching would be seen on the outside layer. Did so with the button holes on the other rectangular piece.

Attaching the zipper on the inside.

Final piece on the dress form.

Modeled and worn in real life.


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