Spirit Animal

The decision for my spirit animal is based on the fact that my dog, an Italian greyhound named Claudette, and I are inseparable. The short seeming fact that owners tend to end up looking like the there dog has been nothing short of the truth for myself. I chose one of the countless moments of her quirky nature to capture and attempted to embody it. The choice of making an elevated contour of her stemmed from my hometown in the Alps and how the process resembled classical mountain elevations.

During the process of creation, I at first struggled with progressing from 2D to 3D, therefore experimenting with how to build from a flat image upward. After trying to create views from other sides of a flat image and where I would imagine a contour elevation occurring, I printed off several sheets of the same image and began cutting and layering to create my model. From that, I pulled the source image into illustrator and began to redraw my contour lines into a file that was ready for laser printing. I choose to laser print as to give myself the chance to experience a new technique and style of my work. I choose an illustration board, a form of thick layers of paper pressed together to cut and etch on and rubber cement to paste them together. There was a learning curve to creating the file and actually being able to print.


More images of finished 3-D model to come.

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