Kombucha Leather process and results

In this post, reflect on what it was like to grow your own material, what you learned in the process, if you are interested in trying it again etc. Include photo documentation of your process.

In our Sustainable System class, we have been doing Kombucha Leather project since February. The purpose of doing this project is to watch the change of the material and get a Kombucha “Leather” from the liquid. I have been record the change of Kombucha Leather every 6 days since the start of the project. I set my project in a warm place in my apartment therefore the bacteria would grow quicker. The first picture shows that the there is reaction going on and there were some bubbles in the liquid. The second picture shows that the liquid is getting thicker. The third picture shows that the leather is not thick enough but it had covered the surface of the Kombucha. The last picture shows that the project is almost done. The leather is half inch thick and separate from the Kombucha.

In a nutshell, I have recognized the power of science knowledge. The small bacteria could change our surrounding things in an unconscious way. Using our knowledge, we are able to create a lot of new material and resource. The cloth would not only made by fabric, but also could make by Kombucha Leather. This project have encouraged me to explore more things in my life and design new product that people have never try before.

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