Bridge 2B: Subway Solution Proposal

Nowadays, one of the biggest issue of the decline of the New York City Subway System is garbage. People easily throw trash in the subways station and those trash finally goes to the railroad. Transh cans and other garbages are one of the resaon to cause Track fire and this would result  in more subway delays. However, it seems extremely hard to change people’s habit in a very short time. Therefore, I am going to focus more on the change on the subway station.

Mainly, my idea is to build a second layer under the railroad. This layer should be constantly moving. All the trash that thrown by people will drop on the second layer of the railroad and this layer will carry all the trash moving to a garbage station for recycle. This design is going to solve the dirty condition of subway station now and make the railroad cleaner. The track will not stuck by the numerous garbage can and this idea will make the subway running more smoothly. 

In my final piece, I choose to paint my subway in pink because I think the nowadays subway’s color is too dark and old. Therefore, I choose to use some light and bright color. Meanwhile, I add some different creative shapes on the outside so that it will be more futuristic. Finally, I put some “trash” on the second layer of the railroad so that this represent the real trash in our life. Those trash will be carried into a specific place for recycling.

The scale of my project is 1:60

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