Week 4: Project Update

<Moodboard for my next project>


Last week, I finished creating a set (tunnel book) based on the idea of utopia. (https://portfolio.newschool.edu/katechaeyeonroh/2021/02/07/week-3-project-update/)

For the next project, I am planning to do a character design to add more story to it. On my project proposal, I said that the second project’s going to be an installation piece, but I switched my plan and decided to focus on building characters as an extension of the first project. The basic idea of Utopia will remain the same throughout the whole project – having the first project (tunnel book) set as the background, I will add characters and maybe some more elements like plants or imaginary creatures.




By next week, I will start off with creating a character turnaround sheet and hopefully add close up of a face as well. The aim of doing this is to help study the character’s appearance, pose and gestures. Once character building is done, I will try to animate a scene with the characters that I designed, tunnel book landscape as a background.


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