Week 7: Project Update


Project 1: Tunnel Book



Project 2 (further approach to ‘utopia’): Character design




  • Helps escorting people from earth to utopia
  • Listens to personal stories of those who came from the earth – people come to this place after death and there’s always a tragic loss
  • Talks to the guardians of hell (dystopia) to discuss how to peacefully maintain the moral world

2. Protector

  • Protects utopia from enemies and all the exterior obstacles.
  • blind but other senses are extremely developed
  • Uses weapon (sword) to fight
  • likes to keep things neat and tidy

3. Gardener / keeper

  • Obsessed with plants
  • Controls weather so that it suits best for special plant species that only lives in this space.
  • Considers beauty as the most important quality than anything





As an extension of the idea ‘utopia’, I tried to add a story to the landscape by adding figures. Above are illustration pieces of the three guardians. After I finish solidifying their look and characteristics I was planning to photoshop them onto the background (tunnel book) that I created but the designing part took longer than I thought – so I decided to leave it 2D and just ended up designing the figures and their personalities. I would love to take it further and develop this idea in the future as well.








initial character design and practice drawings:





Inspiration for the gardener’s clothes:

traditional mural in a Korean temple

(the one at the very left, the pink one)


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