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This assignment included creating an entire game from scratch based on our past personal experiences when coming to parsons/how we got here. We spoke about the different steps we took in order to come to this school: requirements we had to give in (portfolio, essays, parsons challenge etc.), the difficulties we faced, opportunities etc. All these different experiences had to come together in order to form a logical game according to our personal lives. The assignment allowed us to explore all of our personal ‘journey’s’ when arriving to parsons and from there we took our ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ experiences and used these as steps going forward or backwards in the game and then whoever gets to parsons first in the game wins. This was the basis of our game, from then on we added details according to how we could make the game work etc.

The game elements included a dice and a spinner which lead you into different stages of the game. You had to make one full circle and and back to the parsons building. We made little game pieces and made a box design as well as the entire game design with our own art, this was meant to represent each of our lives. We also made cards in order to move spaces forward or backwards, making the game more interesting.

As mentioned before, the game included each one of our art pieces and personal experiences. Everyone contributed to their input and opinion on the game. We all showed positive and negative experiences we had gone through during our journey to parsons and used those as part of the cards in the game. Each one of us had individual tasks as well, making the cards/rules, designing and making the box, designing the game, making the pieces, making the spinner. We all contributed our part.

I designed the box mainly, (I also had input on how the game should be designed and made some cards etc) and this meant I had to come up with some sort of relevant artistic design that related to the game in some way. I chose of course to design some buildings in order to represent new york as well as the statue of liberty and then made it look sort of like a cartoon because in general game boards have cartoon-like design, and in any case this fit the box. After designing this I had to paint the entire cover of the box white and the inside and bottom black for a base. I then painted this entire design on the white side of the box, making the end result shown below.

1st design:



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