Illustrator Project – Proverbs + African Symbols

This project involved us starting off basing ourselves from african art and symbols. This meant, going to the MET and looking at the section with african art. Through this visit, we chose different interesting symbols that they have shown in their culture and were influenced by this in our own art. We chose one proverb from the list given to us, for which I chose: A small house will hold a hundred friends, and influenced ourselves from these symbols and created an art piece of our own (starting off with only the outline of the drawing). We then made a set of watercolors on paper with different colors and patterns etc. With both of these, we combined them both and made a collage (shown below):


After finishing this project, we had previously scanned our watercolors and have created our version of this on illustrator (shown below):



My final project used the proverb: A small house will hold a hundred friends. I represented this through the idea of portraying many different faces. I noticed in the african art that they had an idea that the dead live amongst the living as normal, and they believe their family is always with them. Therefore, I connected these two and I felt it represented the idea that the dead are amongst the living all the same. This is what I chose to represent.

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