FINAL studio project: Unfortunate

Final piece:


My Project represents the idea of control over your own perception of fortune and misfortune.

I have attempted to portray this through putting in one eye of my piece a dollar sign and the other a 4 leaf clover. This is due to two reasons:

Fortune is often associated with money or with luck, therefore I chose to represent these in the more obvious signs (dollar sign and 4 leaf clover). The idea behind having these signs in the eyes is to show that it is YOUR perception and how YOU view things that will effect how your life is. Therefore, through this I also chose to have hands all around the persons face to show that whatever happens in your life is not in ‘your hands’, you don’t have all and full control over the events that occur in your life but you definitely have control over how you view them and this is what will effect the idea of you viewing yourself as fortunate or not. You can have the exact same amount of money as someone else and one person may view themselves as rich and you may not, simply due to how you view things.

My instillation:

img_4009 img_4014 img_4015 img_4016 img_4017 img_4018

My brochure:



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