Union Square Park

Union Square Park is a mixture between a busy city and calm scenery. We can see from Union Square the hectic environment and very typical business in New York City, and the people going down into the subway. However, the rest of Union square shows a very artistically cultured and slower paced environment.


Union Square feels family friendly, somewhere you can simply take a day trip with your family and walk around looking at the different stands and artwork. The view is beautiful and allows us to see such a big part of New York all at once. It feels like a wider/more vast space rather than most places around New York and therefore it appeals more to people for relaxation or simply to sit and talk.


There are always acts and people playing their music and showing their talent of entertainment or artwork and it’s a beautiful way to share art with those around you. The art always is extremely varied and allows for an even richer experience of union Square Park. Without all these small details union square would not feel the same – it is all the smaller aspects that make it so unique and attractive to anyone in New York.

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