Integrative Studio 1: Fake Final Project

For my final project for Fake, I chose the artist Stephen Shore, an American Photographer and pioneer in color photography, to create my book on.  The bookmaking project required research on Shore, which paired with the writing included in my book from my Integrative Seminar 1: Fake class, as well as original art that I created in response to Shore’s work.  The layout of my book follows the accordion style so that the pages can be viewed individually or all together when laid out as a whole.  Each page focuses on Shore’s work as well as my own work I created in Shore’s style.  I created images that closely followed Shore’s distinct attention to color, life, composition, and frame in order to create unity in my project.  The pages with quarter size pictures next to the full size images are the pages that show my work at large in comparison to Shore’s work, and then the pages that show side-by-side full size images are various other pictures Shore took that I admire.  All in all, my project reflects an incredible attention to detail through the bookmaking process as well as through the creating process of photographing, editing in photoshop, writing and editing, and laying out the book itself in Indesign.  My final project tells the story of Shore reflecting upon his older projects and works as he looks toward a new project (the work I shot in Coronado, CA and edited for this project) in order to bring a sense of currency and prominence to my project.

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