Bruce Conner: A Meditation

Men biking down a street on oddly-shaped bicycles. They are going very fast. A few men turns into a whole bike race. A parade of men rapidly winding down the road on a variety of bicycles. At the end a large crowd awaits them, chanting and cheering.

Suddenly the screen goes blank and then an airplane is seen crashing into water. It goes down quickly and orients itself upside down in what seems to be a lake.

A close up of an old angry man wearing glasses. He’s talking with great passion. It seems that he is almost yelling, and if the screen were in color his face would be turning red.

A bridge collapses, slowly and then rapidly. Rubble crashes into the water below. A gap exists now and makes the bridge unusable.

Fighter jets flying in the sky. They fly so fast and so close together it’s amazing they don’t crash. A gaseous fluid seems to be coming out of the rear of each plane, creating massive clouds of smoke around them in varying shades of grey.

Men crowd around a fallen elephant, eager to each take some of it’s meat. They form a circle shape around it’s body.

Nude women carry baskets of food and fruit on their head.

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