Studio – Stop Motion Animation – 32nd STREET

This animation talking about a symbolic story of 32n street which also called Korean town. During the true history, the development of Korean town started when a hotel ‘Welfare’ was moved away. So, we set this hotel as a huge man in our animation. He was sleeping in front of the street and no one can get in there. Then a young man comes to this huge man and fight with him and moved him. After this huge man is moved, people finally can get in the street, with long terms development, Korean town finally comes now there looks like.


I made three contributions in our project include

  1. Build the model
  2. Interview for the street history
  3. Research information of street online


Our group members communicated in a talking group we made on our phone, then we exchange our ideas in every class, also we did few times of group meeting out of class.


We did interview together and made model and animation together.


I provided the information which I researched from the internet to group by alone.


My other three group members, Caro is the director of this project, Eric recorded all audio resource, Phye is our translator and interviewer when we interview the Korean.


The most useful thing I learn is the group working. On another way, during this project, I also learn how to do a specific research before the creating.


I think this project is going well, but in view of the fact that time is too short, we still have many ways to improve our project. I believe if we get enough time, we can create a better one clip.


If I was the director, I may add more digital elements in this animation, I think it can produce an extra beautiful effect.


The easiest to accomplish by working in a group for me is time manage and exchange ideas or brainstorming.


The most challenging par of working together I think is compromise.

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