[LS] Sustainable Systems – “Whitney trip, Systems Map/model, Zone Walk”

1) Reflect on our trip to the Whitney Museum by answering the following questions on your LP:

– What did you think of the presentations? What did you find most interesting?

I quite like this presentation, it made me directly know about the flood mitigation system of Whitney museum. The most interesting part of their system is that huge metal door, I’m really surprise that door can be moved by a few people.

– Did the presentations and visit make you feel differently about living in New York? If so, how?

Yes, it makes me know many Non-Governmental Organizations also are keep working on improve the disaster defense technology for our city. It makes me feel more confident for this city, because I see this city is learning from the past disaster, here will be much stronger than before when the disaster is happened.

– What does it feel like to go to an art museum, not see art, but to learn about this specialized environmental design instead? Do you think more people should know about these kinds of projects and designs?

It is a really special experience, if I didn’t take this experience, I will never know the backstage works of this museum. Now, I knew the Whitney museum not just showing the art project for people but also keep exploring the solutions for many public problems. I feel really interesting to know how people work in museum.  I think people need to know more about these kinds of projects, it is a good opportunity to get not only the art education but also the exploring spirit in the museum.

– Do you feel that the Whitney’s flood mitigation system and building design is as artful/creative as the works of art it protects upstairs in the galleries? Which kind of art and design would you rather create?

I think the flood mitigation system and building design are perfectly combine together, it makes Whitney both has artistic value and strong function, so Whitney both shows the artful and creative.  In the future, I will do the best to create the design that both have artistry and creativity.

– Did the visit change your idea of what creative and useful design might be in the age of climate change and the Anthropocene?

This visit makes me start to think about what is the real creative and useful design, because I didn’t think too much on it before.

2) Complete your Zone Walk project. Conduct research online about what worked and what didn’t during the two recent hurricanes in the United States (Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida). Be sure to answer all prompts, include images and your hand-drawn map on your LP post, along with sketches and a description describing your design idea for communicating the hurricane evacuation zones of NewYork City.


Manhattan 7 st, 2 ave

Manhattan 7 st, 4 ave

-How does having an awareness of evacuation zones change the way you experience living in New York?

It makes me realize where I’m I when the hurricane coming and what influence I will get in different zone area.

-What areas appear to be vulnerable to storm surge, if any?

I think is Brooklyn, near the river side, because there’s building is pretty old and most of them are low rise buildings, when the flood is coming, those building will get series impact.

-Do any buildings/infrastructures look more prepared for the next storm — how? – Are any effects of Hurricane Sandy visible?

Those buildings in Manhattan looks like more prepare for the next storm, they look pretty strong and stable and many buildings have periodic overhaul. I didn’t saw any effects of hurricane sandy on those buildings.

3) Read the following article, ” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

-What kinds of systems are linked through plastics?

Water system, marine environment, food, air.

-Were you aware of how much plastic has entered various human and biological systems?

No, but I think every plastic product will produce the plastic fibres. Now, human word is highly depend on plastic products, so it’s really hard to account how much plastic has entered various human and biological system.

-What can designers do to help limit the amount of plastics contaminating environmental systems?

First is to decrease the number of plastics products around our world, so as a designer, we should not use to much plastic materials in our project. For those plastic products which already been produced, design should find the way to prolong their service life, let them will not contaminating environment systems easily.

4) The system map

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