[LS] Sustainable Systems – In-class assignment

Read the following article Designer Tom Dixon Unveils His ‘Secret’ Project With Ikea (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  and write a reflection on how it connects with the themes of our class. How does it relate to your work this semester? Do you aspire towards similar practices in your final project? Does it change how you think about mass produced designs?

The article mentions Mr. Dixon and IKEA collaborate a long-life design program, in this program, they give more functionality to a bed, and it is also designed to be more open source, for example, this bed can be used with non-IKEA accessories. This is not a good decision for business competition, but it maximizes the useful life of their product, which I think is a very responsible decision for both the environment and the consumer. I think Mr. Dixon put the long-life design ideas we discussed in class into practice and also inspirit me a lot. Their concept enriched my understanding of long-life design, the combination of versatility and design can be very effective in extending the useful life of the product. Like the raincoat that I designed for the final project, its functionality is rain-proof, but maybe I might also consider the possibility of wearing it in more scenes. Although I still have no idea at the moment, I may develop some new features through the characteristics of the raincoats I designed or its material properties.

It is an unavoidable result that mass production does lose the uniqueness of the product, but if companies can design products to be more open-sourced, although it may lose a small part of the economic benefits of the company, it can bring unlimited possibilities for their products.


2) Upload a link to your LP that shares a draft of your systems map and your resiliency/repair story (see Final Project brief for full description of each). Also, what is the working title/name for your project?  Label this post “System Maps and Repair/Resiliency draft.

3) Is there anything else you would like feedback on from me, over the break? What questions, if any, do you have at this point about final projects and presentations? 

No, I think my current process is well organized, I will further summarize the problems I may face after I finish my test sample.

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