[LS] Sustainable Systems – In class assignment

Before the end of class today:

1)  Upload a link to your LP that shares a draft of your design brief:

PROJECT NAME:  Natural raincoat

What did you make and why?

I will make a raincoat. My idea is to create a fashion product which combines with the functionality and sense of fashion. Raincoat has an obvious functionality, but it is not an often used object. So, it’s using life will be longer than the average fashion product, and if I design it as a simple and clean silhouette, I believe it will be kept for a longer time because minimalist style will not be easily outdated. The other important factor of my design is the whole product will make by 100% nature material. Usually the raincoat is made by plastic material because plastic has excellent waterproofing. But plastic also will make serious environment damage. So, I will use the beeswax (nature material) to make material have waterproof function.

In what ways will this object/design be useful to you over 50 years of change? How will it be resilient (used in more than one way etc. and/or encourage social resiliency through its usage)?

My raincoat will be designed as the minimalist style which means not be easily or never out of fashion. I will not add any accessories like button and zipper on it, just keep it be simple, and let it easily be repaired. Today, environmental protection is highly valued by the community, and natural materials are becoming more and more popular. I believe my concept will become mainstream in the near future, and more and more people will use natural materials products.

What specific event(s) of environmental change will it help you adapt to or address? 

Climate change is becoming more diverse today, as the unstable climate increases, more and more people will aware that the environmental impact of chemical products is devastating, so more people will use natural material products.

What materials did you use, given what you have learned this semester about changing resources and material availability?

Canvas and beeswax.  We learned the system map in this semester, I found the unnatural materials can cause more unpredictable damage to the environment. So I decide to use 100% nature material to make my product.

How does your object offer function and aesthetics over time? How does it fulfill the Long-Life Design criteria to the best of your ability? 

I believe my raincoat at least can offer function and aesthetics over 20 years, it is much longer than plastic raincoat. The natural textile fabric and minimalist design can increase its useful life. The textile fabrics are easier to repair than plastic, the minimalist design will never out of fashion. My major is fashion design, I believe I can make it works.

2) Is there anything else you would like feedback on from me, before class next week regarding your final project and/or presentation?

I really appreciate the content of this lesson, it made me realize that when I design a product, I am not only responsible for the consumer, I also need to responsible for the environment. This lesson has had an impact on me so that I will keep my mind on whether my product will be a burden on the environment in my design career. Thank you and thank this course very much.

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