Intro to Fashion Studies: Sp18, Learning Portfolio Post #1

fashion is made manifest in material forms. It demands study in the same way that ancient artifacts are made meaningful by archaeologists: through careful excavation.


I quite agree with this point of view. Materials are the most import medium of fashion, the material for fashion is not only the fabric but also all other things that can perform the styles or possibilities of led the trend. In the 21st century, materials for presentation of fashion are much more abundant. The relationship between materials and fashion also has reached an unprecedented level of sophistication. Different materials will have different effects. These effects are not limited to the fashion level. Therefore, the study of the relationship between materials and fashion and the use of materials to create fashion is also a very complex and cautious work. Their relationship needs to be carefully studied, but at the same time need to be boldly demonstrated.


fashion does not define. It is instead a term that demands definition.


I both agree and disagree this view. In my opinion, fashion is kind like a result, but also it cannot stand alone. Fashion has many angles, from the perspective of clothing, the fashion can be summarised as styles or some attitudes. Many elements are make up a certain styles or attitudes, so we can say the fashion is defined by those elements together. Because those elements, such as colors or body shapes even materials, they make our boring clothing becomes interesting so that we can call these interesting result as fashion. But on the other hand, fashion also affects our daily life. A person wearing fashion is often considered more connotation. People will think those fashion people may have the exquisite life. Also, Different fashion sense can even represent a variety of personality. Fashion can even become a force that affects some sort of social structure. For example, since the rise of the women’s liberation movement in the 20th century, fashion has become a significant force in demonstrating women’s rights. Until today, fashion still defines the need for women’s rights in society.

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