Bridge 5 Final

Answer the questions below thoroughly and thoughtfully. Each answer should come to about a paragraph’s length minimum. This should be posted on your learning portfolio. Please include a link to the learning portfolio post in the “Comments” section of you submission. 

Reflect on the hopes and fears/worries you expressed during the first class session. Which hopes have been fulfilled this semester? Unfulfilled? Which fears or worries did you overcome, and which still remain?

I was worried about my English wouldn’t be good enough and also afraid of it.  I really hope I could do the assignments my best and experienced this course as well. I have overcome of learning English and fear of writing. There is a big problem of mine which is serious bad remain is my late due of assignments. I think I still afraid of writing.

How has your relationship to writing, reading, art, design, and making changed over the course of the semester?

I’ve confused about those skills at the beginning of the semester. After I’ve done some research and communication during the semester. I start feeling distinctly clear thought in any of these skills.


What have you discovered about the relationship between making, thinking, and writing?

They are like a biologic chain. It can’t miss anyone. I have to make up my mind of the project, and record what have I learn from it, what I should improve. Base on those, I could create a better project and present as well.

How did mistakes or failed attempts at making and developing your Studio and Seminar projects lead you into new directions and open up new possibilities?

Making projects is actually my favorite work. But sometime I didn’t present it perfectly as my thought.  These mistakes lead me to be more care about the detail to be more specific for my project. And I am going to care more details of doing projects.

What risks did you take this semester? Why? Which risks did you decide against taking? Why? (Please be as specific as possible.)

The risk I take for this semester is making project. I’ve been trying to make what I have never done before. I am afraid of that I couldn’t make good enough for a good grade. I also decide to against it because I want to break through myself.

What pursuits, interests, and goals have you discovered this semester, and how did your course work lead you to these discoveries? What do you hope to pursue further in the future?

I am getting more interested about the reading and writing. All talking notes I have read this semester even some of them are a bit hard, but they are all interesting. Memories, senor of art. I realized I could make a better connection between making and thinking.

How, specifically, do you feel you can continue to grow as a maker and writer? What would be helpful for your continued growth?

I prefer being a maker. Cause I like to present my thinking through project. I’d like to experience the detail and making it.

If there’s anything else you’d like to share in this final reflection, please do so here.


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