Space Final

For this assignment, we were required to make anything that we wanted. This project can be as abstract as possible, or it can be very detailed.

We learned how to draw shapes and vectors, and understood the proportion of certain angle, before making a physical model.

Then I made a model out of white paper and black straws. There will be beautiful reflection when the model is under the light, and this is also what I wanted to approach in the very beginning.3D drawing is the most intuitive way to express a work before it is complete I used some basic geometry to approach my ideal work. This is also a part that I really like. I can use 2D and 3D display to interpret the work that I want to finish work.





This was my first contact with a large scale production. I didn’t know where to start from the beginning, and I had to communicate with my classmates and teachers. I was very excited about the work we were going to do, and slowly I saw the work. A little bit of shape, this is definitely a wonderful learning and production experience. I also learned how to use the sewing machine and find the role of sustainable materials.





For this final project, I made a model with bamboo. I wanted to portray a very calm and relaxing space with the combination of bamboo slice and 22gauge of silver wire. I used bamboo specifically because I like its unequal oval and the lightly tanned color. It reminds me of nature which I wanted to depict with the natural material. To me, nature is always a very peaceful place to not think of the stressful things in our life. For this model, I was inspired by my previous model of reflection under the light, so I also made this model with much negative space that can create different reflection under a different angle of light.

I had some struggles with stabilizing the bamboo pieces together while keeping it in the right position. However, as I make more connection, I started to figure out how to attach them. I am very happy with my final model.



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