Studio2: Gift Project


The purpose of the assignment is to analysis the person’s personality and identity through the social media. In class, we have a partner. Based on superficial behaviors and conversations, we can outline our identity and personality. Provide your own information so that others can summarize it by using these. How we explain this importance depends on who we are and what our experience is. The project gives gifts to our partners through observations and photos. The gift can represent other people’s overview feelings.


First of all, through the photos were given to me by my partner, Ian. I need to analyze and observe what kind of person he is. Extract some details and make it a few points.

1. He is a person who loves life and enjoys life. He enjoys spending time with friends and enjoying the excitement that sports bring to them.

2. He likes to explore what he loves. He likes to travel and he likes to explore the world.

  1. He is a soft-hearted person. He likes animals. I can feel his love for pets from photos.
  2. He likes to keep a sense of mystery. None of the photos is showing his face. His favorite color is black.

According to my summary of him, I finally made a pill case for him. First of all, he likes to travel. His body needs to add vitamins. Second, he has pets. Sometimes he may experience allergies. Finally, he likes to stimulate sports. He may injure himself during exercise, so I made a practical pill case for him to facilitate his adventure life.


Regarding the pill case that I made, first I cut the cardboard into different sizes. After that, I glued the cardboard with a glue gun.  I chose to use the Chinese word paper to decorate. I found that in the photos he gave me that he went to travel. There are Chinese elements in the place. So he likes Chinese culture and finally uses Chinese words to mark dates (from Monday to Sunday). The color of the background is black, and all the clothes he wears in the photo are black, so I think his favorite color is black. In the end, I use colored chocolate candy instead of vitamins and medicines.


                                                         Exchange Gift

I liked the gifts my partner gave me. I think the photos I gave him made him think that I have a lot of things that I need to hold in a box. The part I like the most is my name on it. He made a unique box for me.





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