• Based on my observations from “Hero for One Day” project in Union Square, I made a gift for my hero about his identity and what is important to him.
  • My hero’s name is Lew Friedman. He is an 82-year-old Boston-born American with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. He is a tall and well-bodied man with grey hair who was enthusiastic during our first meeting. Lew Freedman has a great sense of detail regarding the composition of the park. Not only is he interested in nature, he is really interested in the relationship between humanity and nature. He appreciates the innovation and technologies around us but he is also concerned about how globalization is interacting with nature. Overall, he is a really well mannered, caring man who is really easy to talk to.

  • The different layers of sands represent earth’s different kinds of natural resources that we dig up to consume and to sell for money.
  • The truck represents our world’s technology.
  • The whale and penguin represent other species that live on this planet.
  • The green soldiers represent the conflicts we have with each other.
  • I painted the sky with yellow and grey clouds to represent the heavy carbon pollution that we created from burning fossil fuels.
  • I made the hand to hold the earth because my hero and I both believe that we can still change our world for the better. That is, we are living in a world that we create.


  • Finally, I wish this gift can remind my hero what he cares about. I wish he can continue to study this complex world that we are in and make our world a better place, free of pollution and conflicts.

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