As with Chanel’s little black dress, it cost more to look “truly poor” than just ordinarily so, which new jeans by themselves could easily accomplish. (Blue Jeans)

At first, when I look at this quote, it is a bit ironic because jeans originally represent poor and working class. Now, people are paying more money for a pair of “worn-looking” “acid-washed” jeans to look “poor”. But on a second look, it reminds me of trying to be unique. A part of my identity is trying to be different from the crowd. I feel “acid washed” jeans reminds me of being different from other people. While other people are wearing clean, new jeans, I like how I stand out from everyone else by wearing something worn-looking. For me, it is not about looking poor. It is about being different.

It’s not just about cowboys and country and western anymore. It used to be that denim meant play clothes: now men want to wear it to the office the next day.  (Blue Jeans)

Jeans used to only be related to wild west culture. Now, middle-class men are making jeans a part of their daily life by wearing jeans to work. I can really relate to this because it reminds me of breaking boundaries. Not just about being different, breaking boundaries means setting a trend. Starting something different and having others share same feelings with you is another part that is really important to me. When I was little, I was always taught to follow other people. But I soon realize that having other people share your feelings and new ideas are really satisfying and inspiring.

The transmogrification of jeans from loose-fitting, baggy trousers into pants so snugly pulled over the posterior as to require some women to lie down to get into them. (Blue Jeans)

I like this quote because it reminds me of the idea of being spontaneous. I do not like to stick with one thing alone. Wearing baggy trousers versus skinny jeans represents two different sides of me. I like to choose my outfit based on my mood on a given day. I like to stay true to my heart, even if it means to be unpredictable sometimes. This also reminds me of how women these days are influencing men as well. Today, I often see men wearing jeans that are skinnier than the skinny jeans that I used to wear.

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