Artifact 1: Poem

The Bucks County Breed
Megan Elizabeth

How do you Murder a Millionaire?
Ask the suspect!
He may have murdered four
And in his mugshot,
He is seen smiling
His eyes–
Glowing like the cosmos within his name

The cosmos
Where our voices are not heard
Yet, we can still be seen
As M. Night Shyamalan showed us the Signs
That, indeed, strange patterns and people are here
Among us
And that the Lady in the Water
Has drowned herself in the lake at Tyler Park

The towns within Bucks County
Exist within the Earthly Realm of today
But they do not stray too far from the fantasies
Of a haunted past and a looming future
There’s no telling if black magic truly occurs in the green forest
Or if the forest is even green at all
One thing is for certain
And important to recall
The county may not be safe
But it is really quite small

Artifact 2: Stack of Newspapers

The DiNardo Murders were plastered on the front pages of local newspapers

In Summer of 2017, four boys went missing within the same week. Days later, it was discovered that they were brutally murdered at the hands of Cosmo DiNardo at his farm in Solebury Township.  In the coming weeks, the bodies of the four boys were recovered, identified, and DiNardo gave a detailed confession to the grizzly murders that took place.

Artifact 3: Picture

A charming home in Newtown, Pennsylvania

Newtown is the perfect balance of kitsch and creepy. It is the quintessential “small town,” with an old toy shop, year-round ice cream parlors, expensive boutiques, and cliques of moms competing with one another at the Saturday morning Zumba class. There is a great feeling of exclusivity due to the town being an hour away from everywhere. However, when the town does not feel exclusive enough, and when the clothes in the boutiques go out of style, and the ice cream melts, people from Newtown often say they are from some place new.

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