The Creative Process

An original poem by Megan Elizabeth

The stages are creativity
will be much different for someone like you
or, for someone like me

As I was copying down Charlotte’s words in my blue ink
I stopped my hurrying hand to think:
Au! How clear this process has become!
How ridiculous must it look to let myself become undone
When a thought is suddenly unthought, because a line is never undrawn

And so Charlotte filled the room with words, such as GERMINATION
And my sketchbook soon became a blue sensation,
scribbled and scrawled with a navy MANIFESTATION

We broke an image down into three
Gave examples of digital imagery
Lamented over the killers of creativity

These artistic stages are brought up by problems and questions
They require research that will take you to new directions
And when going down this new path, do not be afraid to grow
And if you get stuck, let someone know!
Let your ideas, artwork, and spirit show!

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