Values Book

What would you change, if anything, about your source list?

I would not change anything about my source list. I took quite a bit of time carefully considering each source and how exactly it would fit into each of my values. I am proud of the variety of sources I was able to include. 

How likely are you to use this source list in the future? How and when might you use it? What might prevent you from using it?

Truthfully, it depends on the sources. The sources I used in relation to cooking recipes and health, particularly women’s health, I will likely revisit. This is because I am always looking for new recipes to prepare for myself, and I am still searching to find truth to debunk old myths about the body and sexuality. I might use it to show my friends or close family members. The thing that might prevent me from using my values source list is if my values change. 

How can this be something you can update/ add to regularly?

This can be something I update regularly if my values stay the same and if I find new sources that may be relevant to these same values. I may not value the same things year-to-year or day-to-day. If I am the same person at 39 than I am at 19, I would be disappointed. 


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