Values Rubric Final

I wanted to create something that I would look at each day, rather than use each day. This is because I do not use the same things every day. In fact, each day, I try to minimize what I use. Some days, I will have merely a backpack, a notebook, and my cellphone. Other days, I won’t even use my cellphone, and I only bring my laptop around the city with me. If I were not so hyper-organized, I should like to limit my amount of notebooks to three: one for feelings, one for schoolwork, and one for planning. However, with my multitude of passion projects, classwork, and, yes, feelings, I add about one notebook to my stack every couple of months. If I did not live in the fussy weather-worn city of New York, I should wish to only have two chunky sweaters instead of eight. Alas, our springs are cold just like our autumn winds, and our winters are damp like our humid summers, so I have to prepare for 2 extended seasons.

My point in writing all of this is that I have a strong aversion toward objects. Therefore, I created a rubric in the form of a poster. I liked my original design of the circle, and how each value flows into the next. It will work by me waking up each morning and looking at it and asking myself these questions. At night, I will look at it again and ask if my values are still aligning with my surroundings. This will give me time to reflect and pause in the times my life is most busy. I think each of my values share some commonality, even if I may not be able to pinpoint it right now. I also decided to “define” my values in the form of questions. I feel that if I were to define my values, I would limit there potential for growth. Therefore, by asking questions, I can develop answers as my life continues. The only way this rubric will not be useful is if my values adapt overtime, which is perfectly okay. As of right now, I am still trying to figure out what matters to me and how to measure my values. In 5 years, the way I see the world and observe my values could change. I am fine with this. I will know if it works if I feel that I am living a life guided by my values, and if I am truly reminding myself of and asking myself about how the world has an impact on me.



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