Bridge 1 – reflection

February 27, 2019 - Integrative Seminar 2

S19_Sem_Anna_Chou_Audrey_bridge 1 -29tzmzl

While I exam my room, I took a deep breath, and start slowing down my pace to observe my surroundings. Once I start doing that, I suddenly realize it has been a long time, or to say I had never settled down for this long without doing work to the exam and feel my present feelings in my own room. I felt like my time scale of life was so overwhelming and busy, which made myself always feel in a hurry without resting. With this project,  I have more time to examine every detail that surrounds me and analyze my own feeling. I spend a few minutes to exam every edge of my room. From myself as the center, I feel my own body first, then start to examine through sound, then through vision. The time to exam an object, for me, it was never enough. Since there are so much going on in the world, it’s hard for a human to stay still and watch at an object for even 30 minutes. By examining an object, we can found out information and thought that we might never think of. I wish I have more time to feel every muscle and every edge of my own body and also more time to think about why am I feeling this way and what builds up my feeling today. For me, time was a psychological illusion that humans create to scale themselves. Since we are made of energy, the whole world and the whole theory of vision and time was a joke. I would like to investigate the psychological, spiritual, and physical aspect of a human for my next written project.

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