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When did Joseph Cornell start collecting materials for his work? 

Cornell started his artworks around the age of 30, which he start making obsessive, ingenious versions of the same story — founded object that reminds people of  expansiveness and flight.

What does different kind of birds symbolize?

In general, birds symbolized human’s power to escape from gravity, which was the ability to achieve as a higher being. Also, it symbolized  personality and character traits. Doves for example, represents peace, maternity, prophecy and feminine energies, whereas a heron symbolizes aggressiveness, self determination, self reliance and authority.



Cornell was having a life which he felt tension between freedom and constriction, maybe because of his father’s early death and the hardship of his mother to raise your childs with several job.  The exact description of why Cornell love birds so much isn’t clear, but we can estimate, Cornell was express his seek of freedom through out art works, and was finding a way to rise and escape from reality.



How did Joseph Cornel got into religion? 

Due to Cornell’s hardship in life, he seemed to be fearful in many things. When he was in his twenties, hw learned about the Christian Science, and had devolved into religion, recurring his stomach ailments as well.

How does Joseph Cornell break though the situation as an outsider artist? 

Cornell Swim up things from thew start, in 1932, alongside Dalí and Duchamp at Manhattan, Cornell devoted his Surréalisme show at the Julien Levy Gallery, and his first shadow box. After this surrealism was seen as a value of his inventions, and Cornell himself, developed sustaining friendships after the exhibition.

What does relationship between nature and human mean to Cornell? 

The environment of each species in clouds other life forms as well as the psych world. Human and nature both evolve throughout effecting each other. Reflecting on Cornell’s work, the box he created was the central of his own life, and the signature element of his exquisite and disturbing body of work responded his factory of dreams from a hardship family.



What does birds tell about human behavior? 

Birds learn and communicate through  vocalizations and body language.

They have unique ways of acting, moving, sitting, and flying. Its movement tells their attitude and rhythm, their posture, which is size and shape, how who they are and how they presents themselves. Just like humans who had their own characteristics, we can see birds the same way you notice a friend walking through a crowd of strangers.

Why do humans have the habit of collecting? 

Some people collect things for investment, pure enjoyment, or to expand their social lives. Some people collect because of quest, which was a kind of life longing mission that was never completed. Additional collector motivations include psychological security, which was filling a void in a sense of self, which I assume may be one of the reason why Cornell loves collecting.

Are there any more artists that inspired Cornell?

Cornell was inspired by the growing pantheon of Golden Age Hollywood actresses, like Lauren Bacall and Carmen Miranda, and natural phenomena, which was after he devoted to Christian Science church.



Humans and Nature




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