Fashion After 1900 – Image research #2

September 16, 2020 - Year 2
Fashion After 1900 – Image research #2

Date and designer (unknown) ( from Weldon’s ladies journal)

I found this photo on Pinterest in search of the style of the 1920s. The women with straight-lined design and dull colors, elegant decoration that was hidden on top of the clothing, attracted me so much, as a person who also embraces masculinity in the feminine world. From the clothing, it shows the change of social status in women, the mass production technology, and the rise of women magazines such as “Weldon’s ladies journal” that was water printed on the poster.

change of social status

Weldon’s ladies’ journal was a blueprint that subsequent ‘home weeklies’. Although not a lot of information about the magazine can be found, it was sure that these magazines had promoted the new fashion aesthetics of women in equity. Fashion designs of women in leaner silhouette and narrower skirts were presented, and also activities of sports and social events had been promoted through fashion. This poster is great information that represents women in social events and sports which is dance. Quoting with words like” For the dancing hours of holiday” it alludes that women are starting to have some freedom in their life.

mass production technology

starting from the 19 century, machines of weaving keep revolutionized, and especially in 1915 apparel was the third-largest in America after steel & oil. Although the clothing from the poster was illustrated, however, the minimalist style of clothing makes the cloth itself easily manipulated. The mass production brought benefits of lowering the costs of buying products, however, the problem of fake brands and the overproduction of clothing became damage for the fashion world.

rise of women magazines and feminism 

Along with the rise of feminists who gain the rights of voting during ww1, the women magazine became an important role for women to speak out their voices. La Gazette du Bon Ton, Weldon’s Ladies Journal, Harper’s Bazar, and La Vie Heureuse are some of the fashion magazines examples that pictures both a vision of an equal society and the style of a “modern women”.

These figures of the three women are not only just drawn figures, but a poster that shows the new era for women, to stand out for themselves and live a better life with the choice to be a working woman and a wife at the same time.


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