Sketchbook Museum


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Sketchbook Museum.

The first impression of mine was “Wow, this is an amazingly small museum!” But as I pick up some sketchbooks from a shelf, which I was not allowed to do, I realized that there are more artworks than MoMa. In my opinion, it was better than Picabia. Sketchbooks are made by various people with different themes and skill level as well as styles. I was shocked to see how much colorful the works of various people on sketchbooks are than those in concealed glass frame in museums. We could not only see them but also smell them and touch them. It was a much more interactive experience of art. I was especially amazed by a sketchbook shown above. It was dark and deep. It was sexual and the visuals were nicely created to make its style. Also, there was a wide range of media.


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