Sustainable Sys: Week 2: Long Life Design + Anthropocene

Long Life Design,


Jamie Kruse,


Yeong Jin CHOI,



Response to the criteria


“The product must be functional and easy to use.”



This is in many ways related to many problems fashion industry is causing right now. As production is not planned properly, retailers get tons of surplus stocks and they put them on discount, in an attempt to get rid of them. But as they put discounts on their products too much buyers feel more uncomfortable and/or hard to buy garments for the full price, which make hard for retailers to not go on a sale and it is vicious cycle. This applies to almost all brands despite their price range. I have witnessed Gucci, Louis Vuitton and even Rolex goes on sale. But by planning the production properly, it can reduce the unnecessary consumption and keep the price high enough for the manufacturers to give fair wages to the workers.


Introduction to “50 yrs of production”



As the assignment was to introduce something that has been produced for 50 years. But there is problem, you mentioned about the mulberry paper, and as far as I checked there is no one mulberry manufacturer who has been producing for 50 years. I research three products, dinanderie, coffee table, and silver knife. But as a lot of Korean masters work as individually branding themselves by their name. There is another reason for that, during Japanese imperialism era Japanese government swiped out major chunk of Korean history and culture, because they believed those will provoke patriotism for Korean people. Therefore many Korean masters were either, died or stopped process during mid 1900s and as we had industrial revolution during late 1900s, there is not much of “master” works or not many things that has been produced for that much years.


But to at least introduce products which has been produced so long by multiple people, I researched about dinanderie. Dinanderie is a kind of plates made with alloy. Different masters have different ratio for her/his alloy but mixing copper and tin is the most general. All the process is done by tempering and forging the hot alloy. The price differs from $100 to $9000+ for 6 piece set and they are used in Green House(White house of Korea).








Anthropocene is a word to describe the era human lived. Earth has been populated with living organism for about 54 million years. And 2.6 million of them was with human and that 2.6 million, or last 100 years, are when all the great acceleration has happened. Human started to manipulated earth which resulted an abnormal climate change, such as our tomorrow class being cancelled for snow storm while I feel warm now.


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