Week 3 Material Systems and the Anthropocene

The “Long Life Design” criteria can be helpful for my approach to sustainable design and producing(and perhaps sustainable consuming) if revised little.

The list emphasizes the quality and fair working condition, this is essential to resolve the problems anthropocene has caused. It can gradually reduce the mass of production by having slow consumption. And also it will resolve inhumane working conditions in those societies where our designs will be produced.

On top of those ten, I would like to add, or amend, one more. Though it swipes through manufacturing and sales parts, it doesn’t go to marketing part. I think those global mega companies are responsible for this monopolized society where everything in our pantry is produced by same company. This disallowed small local companies to continue their business. This made a division between a society that consumes and a society that produces. In that perspective I would add

“Companies should persist to serve mainly the regional communities and should try to limit the manufacturing in their communities.”

This doesn’t mean an isolation nor a segregation. Companies may serve other regions as demanded but it should do so for the product and consumers. Limiting the manufacturing in their region is to enrich the each individual society.


Cutlery of time

This is traditional cutlery used by Korean upper class for hundreds of years. Each and every dish is made from copper and tin alloy which dates back to 1448 AD. The alloy has 78:20 ratio of copper and tin and this alloy is believed to be best for making musical instruments or cutlery.

  1. Repair__ B-

The repair of this cutlery can be easily done depends on how damaged is it. The cutlery is very thick and the metal is hard as well. Scratches can be removed by sandpaper but major dents need to be fixed in work shop.

  1. Cost B

The cost of the product is high but it is more available to people now as tempering machine is introduced. And this cutlery is known to last very long.

  1. Sales B

It is now mass produced by some companies but as it still take more time and effort than other cutleries. So many counterfeit products are being introduced to market from China

  1. Manufacturing B+

Manufacturing is outstanding. Each piece is made with precise alloy and tempered countlessly. But as mentioned above, there are counterfeit pieces been introduced.

  1. Function A

Functionality is outstanding it is more durable than porcelain or aluminum plate.

  1. Safety A

It will rarely shatter and it only dents.

  1. Planned Production A-

For the authentic piece the production is very limited.

  1. Broader Issue N/A

This may convey costumers to rethink about our fast consumption cycle.

  1. Environment A

My mom had one when she was young and she said they were decades old. And is still being used by my aunt. Also as they are organic material, meaning can be formed naturally, it will not harm the environment.

  1. Design B+

Though their design used be limited, now there are some experimental designs being introduced. Thus designs are be coming more broad.


for Tattfoo Tan

  • What kinds of art ethic do you persist?
  • Is it important that art piece to speak about problem?
  • Why and how does your work can improve problems you articulate?

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