Receive Sustainably + Modular Building


1. Progressive Innovation

There are two kinds of innovations, one that is progressive and other that is regressive.

At first I designed and researched about having a glass dome that would enhance the efficiency of solar panel, which I named “SonnArc”. I was able to find special type of hard-coated poly-carbonate which is very resistance to fogging(chemical corrosion) and scratch. Which can also have UV coating which often comes with anti-reflective feature. Thus, it became one of the most essential features of my building. But as I researched more, I found out that thermoforming requires much energy and footprints, especially when it need precision, as there will be number of failures. Also solar panels of these days are not durable enough to handle intense light caused by the dome. And when I talked with my father, architects, Choi Je Du, he mentioned that it will cost very much which will make it harder, if not impossible, to persuade client(s). So I changed it to rather normal solar panel without the dome. But I included new way to conserve energy, which is using carbon nano tube technology. I included a large panel that is coated with Venta Black. Venta Black is material made of carbon that absorbs 99.997% or higher light. The light collected by the panel will then used to heat the water which will be used to heat the building by Gravity Heat technology. During the summer curtain made of high reflective film will cover the Venta Black to avoid any undesired heat.

2. Plastic is sustainable (Resilience)

My research for the dome was not useless at all; with it I found out that plastic can outlast the glass with much less carbon footprint. Poly-carbonate with special coating(which I talked about to you before) will be used to alternate all of the glass in my building. Also when I volunteered at mental hospital(not of clinical treatment but of those to segregate) I saw a abomination in their rooms. It had tiny window with steel bars to keep them away from suicide. But by using poly carbonated, which cannot even laser cut, patients will have floor to ceiling windows.

3. Modular Construction is Sustainable (reusable)

Modern building materials are mainly, steel, wood, and bricks. Which require much energy to produce and repurpose. But by using modular construction, each unit can be placed in other building, if necessary. So when the owner think he/she need more bigger rooms yet have more small rooms, he/she can remove it can change it to what every size

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