Assignment 2 emotion

Assignment 2

emotion pattern



. paint and cut squares





. from the last painting experience, I decided to have a full design and analyze for the each emotion






.then I transfer figurative pattern into abstract pattern and get inspirations from daily life

I found rough patterns at the subway station








 .I do a lot of experiments about patterns, and I use different kinds of materials to create different feeling.

I use papers to create my own shapes







and use transparent papers to create softer feeling






and tear or knead papers to create frail feeling







then after all the preparations, I started to paint things become easier and more clear than before







.I try to show my own style at my work, so I make them simple at the same time can show the emotion directly.







after critic, I change the images that are too figurative







Here is my third version of  final work

and I prepare to print the words digitally, so the final work will be more clean.



Here is my last final work




Drawing and image: Language first assignment



Drawing and image: Language


/project one/


 cutting small squares



paint different patterns on the squares




write pattern elements at the back





listing all the patterns by different color depth





paste all squares by order





final work




    changes need to be done after critics



cutting more squares




paint more patterns to replace others




writing pattern elements




changing the patterns that is too literally and at the wrong color depth,
also divide patterns with different contrast of the pen



temporary work
(not final)



comparing with the formal piece

.the gradation becomes more obvious
      .the patterns are more special than before



Still need to improve:

.putting one digital color depth
.reduce patterns that do not match the contrast of the pen
After finishing these changes, I painted more squares to make the gradation.
.Here is my final work