Circus project reflection

Circus Project Reflection

My inspiration comes from the knife throwing, I choose it because of the excitement and the danger. However, I watched a knife throwing’s accident video. The knife dropped on target girls head, I want to reflect the danger and unpredictable characteristics of this performance, so I used very vibrant color on my work. I did some research about the performance form, in the movie The girl on the bridge, I learn the death wheel performance form. In this performance, the target girl need to be on a rotating wheel, and the knife thrower will throw knives around her. In knife throwing performance today, performer will add acrobatics in their performances, so I combined Inverted the performer to throw the knives.

I used wires to make the performers because wire is stable and easy to build shapes. I also made costumes, I create the red and black red velvet tube top dress for the target girl since their job job is to attract audiences. However I made her very puffy skirt in order to keep knives away from her body, this is a protection that used by target girls today. For the knife thrower, I use a bow tie to indicate his gender. Actually most knife throwers are male because they are more concentrated.

I used wood to make the bracket because it is very light. I used to use magnet to make the wheel in order to connect the magnet knives and the wheel, but I failed, because magnets are not strong enough. I used form board instead, and change the knives into darts. I used the principle of slingshot shot darts by elastic bands. In order to rotate the wheel better, I used lazy susan turning table. It is easier for me to place it, and the wheel can turn  smoothly. I adjusted my project a lot of times, for example, the hight, the color, and the material to create a real performance.

     There are always be difficulties in a project, but the point it to solve them all, I really feel a kind of satisfaction after finishing the pieces. Patient is what I learned from this project. Also, I also learn many things behind knife throwing performance. There are so many difficulties need to be solved to make a perfect show. There are so much practice need to be done to avoid accident. There are so much passion in their heart. Only hard working make perfection.

Book reconstruction

Book Reconstruction 



My book’s name is “blue house” written by Beidao, a poet in China, he wrote this book in American. He felt deep loneliness in this foreign country. I am in the same condition, and I feel lonely everyday after I came to New York, and I can feel the deep connection with him.
This is my final work, I think loneliness is like a shield, It protects people from forgetting who they truly are, and where they come from, so I make the booking into a round shape. Also, I crossed all words about loneliness to express the feeling of shield. The loneliness comes up at anytime, and it will embrace me suddenly, and that is the reason why I made this shape. I also want to express the invisible characteristic of loneliness, so I used silver powder. The way I use light is also to augment the feeling of loneliness


I did some experiment about the shape of the book. Because I didn’t choose a book with hard cover, so I kind of want to use this advantage.
I cut the book in different layers, and shaped them.
Because the book is too thick, the glue doesn’t work, so I used stapler to connect pages.
I crossed words about loneliness.
I added silver powder on the book.
Here is my final work, I combined different kinds of sensation in this final work. I use the sound of wind to exaggerate the feeling of loneliness. Also you can touch the wood base of my work, and you can feel the resonance of the sound, so you can feel my loneliness in different ways.

Wire Word

Studio: Memory

Second assignment

Wire Word

‘We identify the meaning of each word and analyze it.
Then, we pick the meaning of each word shown in the whole sentence



                               used specially before a none


                                       Railroads, a self-propelled, connected rolling stock


                                                  to exist or live, the past tense


After analyzing each word, we design the typeface according to the meanings.
We decide to connect all three words together.



Since “the” is like a foundation in the sentence, we design it to make it like a frame, and it is three dimensional, so it looks more powerful.
Train is always moving, so we design “train” in a fluent way,  and make the words looks like they are flowing.
To combined three words, we try to make “was” looks like  the steam from the train, and make it really fluffy. In this way, “was” can represent steam, also it can show the time is in the past.
We just draw them on paper at first and the result is not good. The shape of the word is not clear, so we design the words on the computer, print them out, and do some interesting collages.
Then, we create the words using wire at the base of the printed words
“The” is the most difficult one, because we make it in 3D, and we need to make it very clean and clear in order to show the frame. So we try in lots of ways. We decide to connect each part with little hook and roll them tightly together with thiner wires. 
 Here is our final work
In the whole process, we were always trying the best solution, and we got lots of experience from it. We know the best tools to deal with wire, we learn to connected wires in an elegant way, and  we know how to print our work in a bigger size. It is all about learning and progressing. I used to think the final work is the most important thing, but I feel the process is also important, because we could learn from it and use the experience of it into the next work.




Third Project



/My partner is Amo, when she told me that she addicted to video once, I chose to select video game as my theme of the book. /

Just like the question: what shape will you choose to describe yourself, I asked Amo which game will you choose to describe herself. The answer was “Life is strange” The story of this game is similar with Amo’s story.
She once addicted to game, but then she met some very good friends, so she escaped. Now one of her goal is to do game design. She wants to impact other children with her own experiences, to educate them using video game.
And the story of life is strange is a girl was struggling with her super power, and she wants to escape from it. Then she met her best friends. They experience a lot of horrible things, and then escape from the town where she used to live and have a new bright future.



 /I decided to make two versions of story board, one is Amo’s, and one is for the game. When readers read this book they would feel there are two different stories. But when they finish this book, they will understand the connection between these two stories./


Since the theme is about game, and game is connected with technology, so I use acrylic as the cover of the book to show the feeling of technology.



/Because the size of the acrylic that I bought is too large, so I cut it manually, and polish them with file and sandpaper to make the egads very clean and flat/


/I used two different kind of tools to do it because I found that file can police the acrylic quickly, but only sandpaper can make edges smooth.
I used laser cutting for all my work.
When I started to make my book, I realized that I don’t have enough time to make two versions of Amo’s stories, so I chose” Life is strange” as my story line. It is kind of abstract version of Amo’s personal story.
I really love the feeling of “Life is strange”, it looks like a movie and I want to use lines in this game. So I create my work in AI. 

Because I want to use laser cutting, I need to make hollow shapes.



I met some problems when I cut it for the first time. The hollow place will drop, so it can not contain as a whole piece as I want 

I redo the Ai profile and connect some lines. The result is good.
It becomes a complete piece, and I cut it to match the size of my book.





Since paper is too delicate, I used tracing paper to reinforce it.
But the glue is not working, and paper would easily peel off.




So when I connect these two kinds of paper, I used many books to press it to make them connect better and to be flat. It kinds of worked out. Then I cleaned all the edges.


I really want to create the feeling of bright future in this book. However, the white paper can’t create this feeling very well. So I use very vibrant color for the cover, and use ps to create a dizzy and dime feeling to illustrate that these scenes actually come from game which is unreal.



The reason why I choose red is because Amo think it is the best color to represent beautiful future and she used much red in her artwork
Then I print them and cut them in a better shape.




The connection between paper, acrylic and tracing paper is still a problem.
I try to use iron to connect them, but it didn’t work, the plastic couldn’t keep flat and the color of paper went black.





So I came up with another idea, I cut many color papers as  frames. and use glue to connect them.
The glue works very well on paper.


Here is my final work, It is a shadow book which represent the unreal world.


It can be read in two ways.
First way is through light, it can show the brightness in hollow place.




The second way is to read it in the dark ness using flashlight and you can see shadows tell stories.