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Inspiration board:


My inspiration is form counterfeit, most people purchase counterfeit in order to fill their vanity, I want to create a sculpture to express the feeling of people’s vanity, and how nothingness it is.Also I wanted to express this fact in different ways, therefore, I got some different ideas. I also don’t want this project to be superficial.

My research paper is about counterfeit effect Chinese home grown designers. I want my project be displayed in a “fashion” way, it can related to my topic. Also, since the counterfeit has many characteristic, I want to show them in my project.


This is the idea I like most, and most experimental.

I want to create this accessory as part of Chinese young designer group, and explain counterfeit in my own way.

Actually counterfeit is made form cheap material, but gives people the feeling of wealthy. I want to show this characteristic on my project, my work is make by receipt, which is a very cheap material, but the dramatic and abstract look of the hat gives people the feeling of wealthy and fills people’s vanity.

I want to show my work in a sentimental way , counterfeit is a protection to people, it hides the inferiority of people, and fills with vanity.

Polyhedron project –waterfall


Polyhedron project



I drew few sketches before start my project, I finally decided to make a constructed waterfall.

I made few plans and made some paper models to see if my idea is possible.

I wanted to make my waterfall just using trainangles

But my idea is to complicated to finish


Then I simplified my traingleses

but the result is not that attractive, therefore, I totally changed my mind, and construct  my model like constructing an architecture using tetrahedrons and polygons.

I calculate all datas, and made my paper model



I wanted to show the flow and the transparency of water, so I decided to use plastic and metal as my materials.

I once tried to make my transparent part in one part, but I failed for two times, so I still make these polyhedrons separately.

Then I made the metal parts.


I combined these two parts together.

(I also add stones at the bottom, in order to make my models stands on their own)


I sanding the metal to simulate the texture of water, and make it can reflect light from different directions.


Here is my final work.



and audiences can play with it.

Subway problem solve model


Subway problem solving model



My design used to solve overcrowded problem. However, I changed my idea before I make my model. I still want to upgrade the subway train, but not just to solve the overcrowded problem, but also change its environment, make passenger have a safer, bigger, and more comfortable train.


Here is my sketch and ideas.




Design points

  • Pointed head. Make the train faster
  • Electrical energy and maglev train. Safe more energy at the same time be faster.
  • The ground and ceiling are all LED light screen. Make the space visually bigger, provide passenger with more relax environment. Also, save more energy for illuminating the train.
  • Discolored glass large door. It is a strong material, let passengers know how many people inside the train, and at station, so they can move to other door. Easily fit more passengers to get in and out.
  • Door at different place two sides. Help to disperse passengers.
  • Foldable seats. More flexible use of the space, and help to fit more passengers at peak time.



I made this design based on many researches, and I combined some advantages in different cities’ subway systems, and elevate these ideas. For example


  • I inspired by the decoration from Hangzhou’s subway system.
  • The shape and the energy choice of the car is inspired by the maglev train.
  • The seats design reference the New York new subway car’s design.
Here is the process of making the model



I first simply make the model using plastic board


I used different material to make doors and car body, and I used transparent plastic to show the texture of glass.



I add very thin LED to simulate the illumination condition of my design.



I did some changes after talking to the teacher

  • I add one more layer to simulate how the car runs. Also It makes the platform more clear.
  • I add colors on the train to define each part.



I use acrylic to create the feeling of lake, and it will have different effect with the LED light. Also colors have different meanings, so I make a diagram guide.

Diagram guide
  • Green yellow – Safety place for passengers
  • Red – driving cab space
  • black, dark yellow – track


In the contrast, in order to show the light effect, and the feeling of movable photo, I used markers and painted the drawing on plastic paper.

I cut out the car model



For the track, I also used combined and complex color to show the high speed of the subway. Actually, I think the track in the future should be also modern and clean. It should be maglev instead of normal metal track.



Then I connect these two part together.



Here is my final model, and my idea.


subway problems and solutions

Subway problems and solutions


I once saw a photo on the internet, a man hanging between two subway cars in order to leave 157th street station. This station just faced a massive delay, and the whole station are in full capacity. All trains come in the station are full of people, therefore, this guy had to use the last resort to “get in” the train. Passengers overcrowded is always a crucial problem for nyc subway system since this is a system that “takes 8.5 million people to work, school, and to dates on Saturday night”, and a system that promote economic progress( change to data). Overcrowded passengers can cause many problems,  the whole system might paralysis, and more importantly, it might cause many dangers, not just for passengers, but also MTA workers.  MTA has come up with many solutions to solve this problem, one idea  is to upgraded the subway cars. I do think this is one of the most efficient way to solve passengers overcrowded problem.

Here is my sketches 

👆passenger diagram

Ideas of upgrading the car

  1. change the dangerous path between two cars, and create more space for passengers.
  2. change the platform of the whole train,
  3. elevate some equipments.
  4. build bigger doors.

Reflection on Room Ekphrasis project

 Room Ekphrasis project reflection

/This is my final article/

The warmth of New York

Yiren Zhou

Jan. 28. 2018


Sitting at my favorite place of the room, that is the corner surrounded by window. I started to play one of my favorite music, lonely from John Waits. His magnetic voice is so deep, so deep that I was like being drawn into endless sea waves. I always put on my hand-woven gray and white blanket, I like the feeling of wool keeping touching my skin, it is a little bit itchy, but very comfortable.


I always sit on the chaise longue and watch the sunset, sometimes sunrise, if I get up early. There are many thin hairs on the black cover of the chaise longue. The black cover makes these white hairs more eye-catching, even seems a little bit dirty. This is actually not a well made blanket. It was made by the cheapest wool I bought on the internet, but I always wear it, it becomes a habit, every time I feel cold, I will think about the blanket. It is company for me in cold New York. The most comfortable gesture for me is to lay on the chaise longue, and put my feet on the round wooden table. There are some scratches on the edge of the desktop, because I move the table all the time, and things on that table change all the time too: candles, socks, and today is my medicine for the throat.


The lamp is the only illumination in this room. I like the warm blurry light from this lamp, there is a hallo at the edge of the light. It looks like a rainbow, a rainbow of my own. This only lamp in the room can slightly illuminate every thing. It illuminates the wall that I used to want to filled with fashion painting, but now it is covered with many word lists. It illuminates my white wooden table where always accumulates with different kind of things: my lipstick, my books, and my watercolor brushes. My parents always tell me to sort out my room, I used to ignore their words, but now I sort out my things every week. I miss my parents’ complains, and I miss their nags. It illuminates my jewelry boxes under the windowsill next to the air conditioner. Some of my golden jewelries will reflect the light, and they look like little stars be trapped in acrylic boxes.

The air conditioner starts to scream again. The tick-tuck sometimes is harsh, sometimes like music, and it has rhythm. The sound form the fire truck also began to maneuver in my ear, I hate these two sound play together, they are just so annoying. however, when they stop, I start to feel I miss something.


My bed faces my desk, the desk is a reminder for me, to remind me what to do on every morning. Not like the flat clean white sheet in the hotel, I prefer to keep my quilt loosely on my bed. The corner of the quilt hangs on the bedside. The quilt prints with tropical plants in low saturation. I always feel relief when I see the tree because this is one of the most rarest thing in New York. I lay on my bed,I put my head on my white pillow which contains the light sent of lemon. I feel I am sinking in the mattress. I can see my best friend every time when I turn my head, this is a ting sheep I bought in New Zealand. She has been with me for seven years, his white fur start to be beige right now, and there start to have line balls on her nose, I always try to clean them up but I never did.


I close the only light in my room, now I am able to enjoy the most beautiful part in my room. I turned my head to another direction, I can see New York shines in the darkness. The only thing I can hear is the sound of my peaceful breath, and the only thing I can smell is the sent of lemon. I start to feel New York is not cold and lonely anymore. The night is not totally black, but deep blue with purple. The poles on buildings look like unicorn’s angle, the only difference is that these poles shine in different colors. The light rends the sky. The frame of these buildings are blurry, different kind of warm light boxes combine together. The whole city feels like be embraced by warm. The light boxes are in different shapes and brightness, some are dazzle, but some are gentle. Lights keep flashing. Some lights extinguish, some lights ignite. May be there is someone who can’t fall

asleep, just like me. Sometimes there are horn voice, but I don’t think it is annoying. I feel this city is alive, it is not lonely, and I am not lonely.

/My reflection/
I think it is a new but amazing experience for me to write an article in this way, I think it is also a lesson for me. I learned to observe things in details, and write them in details. Actually I thought I could not write an article about my room in 750 words. I was worried. However, when I started to observe my room, and really feel my room, I think 750 words is totally not enough, and I realize a room contains so much of my emotion. I think one hour was totally worth it. I wrote about 5 pages note based on my observation. I didn’t have the chance to write all details in my room, so I chose some important part in my room. I think I should have write notes in a simple way, since I lose much time on writing the note. There are some deep information are lost, or say I could have write more deep feelings.
About time of writing, because I wrote many notes when I looked at my room, so I finished the article very quickly. I used one and a half hour finish the first draft. However, I think I should have spent more time on checking gramma mistakes. I did checked my article after I finish it on the second subway brochure project. I corrected many gramma mistakes, and reorganize the article. I think it is a good habit.

Platonic solids model making


Platonic solids model making


I want to create a platonic solid diamond. Here is my sketch.



I use half shape of pentagon, and create the bottom sharp shape.



Then cut them out 





I slightly cut fold lines, and constructed them.



Then connect these two parts together.




Subway: Light

Bridge 2A- Subway Video and Animation

.Here is my link of my final project.

 My inspiration comes from lights in the subway station, I really think all lights in the subway station were considered thoughtfully before place them: the place, the direction, and the color. Therefore, I want to express lights in a new way, so I used special lenses to shot the video, and light is displayed from new perspective.  I also want to create contrast, for example, color contrast: blue and yellow, also brightness contrast: bright with dime.
Also, I want to express subway lines in an abstract way, I think subway lines are similar to lights. One brightest spot spread out, and create its own system. Therefore, my image for subway system likes scattered light, but you can still find the feature of subway lines. Also all colors come from MTA official color which match the light color in the video.





    My inspiration comes from lights in the subway station, I really think all lights in the subway station were considered thoughtfully before place them: the place, the direction, and the color. Therefore, I want to express lights in a new way.



with music