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After learning about puppetry and ways we can communicate and interact through these types of objects, we were given an assignment to create our own puppet or figure that relates to biomimicry, as well as working with character design.


(Portrait of my character)

Ethel Reed is a character I wanted to reimagine as a three dimensional figure. I have previously done an animation of her, which showcases her personality and interests. She is a musician who graduated from college at an earlier stage in her life and is now employed at a record-synthesizer store as well as a library for organizing. Something special about Ethel is that her guitar holds a magical power where she can change the environment of a room and promote a peaceful aura with her magic, changing anyone’s negative emotions in their current state of mind.


I worked on an armature, and then applied Super Sculpey for the hands, feet and head, as well as the hair. Then I used found fabrics to make a top and bottoms for the character. Using the rest of my Sculpey, I made a guitar prop for my character to interact with. I felt comfortable using these materials, but failed when I applied gouache onto the clay. After the fact, I changed it to acrylic.


This was my first time constructing an armature, so I ran into some struggles keeping it stable. I didn’t know how to sew or work with clay and acrylic, and keep a certain shape as well as structure by proportion. Although it was a bit of a struggle, I was proud at the end run because I had something physically realized and standing.

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