April 2018 archive

Counseling Graphic

The first image was deemed too “male-centric”.  The men have since transformed into Narwhals.

The images were made in Adobe Illustrator.  At Student Health Services, we are working on creating a Peer Counseling Program to help deal with the growing issue of mental illness/stigma on campus.  The image is supposed to represent two people talking about their feelings.  The Narwhals are more P.C.

Album Art


A NYC Jazz musician commissioned me to create his album artwork.  The guidelines were: minimal color, Peter walking away, a grandfather clock, and old-timey text.  I created this using Photoshop.

Ypsilanti Zine: A tribute to my hometown


Ah. My hometown of Ypsilanti, Michigan.  No one knows where it’s located, so I have to say that I’m from Detroit or Ann Arbor.  Being on the east coast also makes me aware of my Midwestern Peculiarities.  For example: Michiganders can use their hand as a map.  People look at me like I’m crazy when I point at my palm  and say “I’m from here!”

Ypsilanti is home to many ridiculous things: The Elvis festival, the Rubber Ducky race, goat lawnmowers, and a very VERY phallic water tower.  I think it has a world record.  Also, I’m very proud of the shading on the penis.

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