Thesis: Notes from Chang 9/14

Notes from Chang:

Look at the artists William Blake (re: apocalyptic imagery/image construction)
look up artist Le Courbusier (king of modular art/structures)
Explore fragmented narrative
Modular art doesn’t have to be 2Dimensionalt only.. Explore multi-dimensional planes. Imply a 3rd dimension, and have each plane of reality run onto one another.

Muti dimensional planes in a 2D work. Imply dimensions. Allow then to interact with one another.

Imply structure. Modular structure/ read organically

Using windows/modular architecture, crate fragmented narrative. Also explore Neo Ranch for his use in multi-layered scenarios in wh9ich one contact invades another.






Explore Tibetan mandalas. DO EDGE TO EDGE DRAWING. FILL THE PAGE


“Modular” art that I made years ago. Documentation of mental deterioration in a dreamy/art deco style.

William Blake

Le Courbier

Tibetan Mandalas

Religious Art: modular and fragmented storytelling

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