Bridge 2 Final Reflection

For my final diptych review, I took the opportunity to refine my full set and create a more cohesive body of work. I wanted to further explore the relationship between fashion/color/shape/pattern/etc and the visually impaired to the best of my ability. Thanks to Refinery29 and doing some hands-on materiality research, I was able to further expand on my topic of what it means for identity in terms of being blind and having self-expression through fashion.

 I installed my diptychs in the studio classroom in a grid that broke down my fashion photography from New York Fashion Week into a visual representation of my research on the blind. I used a lot of paper in this project; however, I experimented and broke away from my original square grid by incorporating a rectangular plexi—the piece representing someone who can only see shadow—and also the final gold leaf diptych. I don’t have a concrete answer to which my final two are, as I added a bunch of new elements, like the text, and readjusted the entire layout of the collection. I removed my inclusion of this green sheet plastic material as I didn’t like the way it looked with the rest of my pieces, and I feel that adding the text gives the viewer a better experience / more context than before.

My Original Collection:

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