Box Drape

Before we did any sewing, we had to make a dress form out of a FedEx box, which would act as the shape that we had to fit our box drape shirts to.  This was the process of creating the box.

Next, using muslin, I draped a  rough version of a shirt, which included 3 pleats in the front.  

This is the sloper that I ended up with after draping the shirt.

I then used the sloper to create a pattern.

Then, I sewed the shirt together in muslin.

Next, using the pattern that I used for the muslin prototype, I sewed the box drape shirt in the final fabric, which was a cotton textile with a pattern on it.

This is how I decorated my box dress form:

In the end, I feel like I learned a lot about how to drape and how to pleat/dart.  I have made darts before, but I have never tried so hard to manipulate them into moving where I want them to move.  I also learned that pleating like we did is a way to make the bust of a shirt, which I never knew.

At the beginning of the semester, we highlighted words that we knew in a list of words relating to sewing.  Then, a couple weeks ago, we did the same thing and compared how much we have learned in the class so far to how much we knew coming in.  I came into this class knowing a little bit about sewing and I was semi-confident in my abilities to sew, however I was really excited and eager to learn more.  I think the transformation in the list of words is a good representation of my growth throughout the semester and I think I have learned a lot, even about the things that I had highlighted in the first one.

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