Learning Portfolio Reflection

My name is Sarah Davis.  I just finished my freshman year at Parsons.  Next year, I will be pursuing a fashion major.

My work in the beginning of the semester was ambitious and creative, but was lacking a little bit in execution.  Throughout the year, my ideas became more developed and my execution improved to portfolio-ready pieces. My procrastination disappeared over the year, which has always been a struggle of mine.  I learned creative thinking and idea editing in my studio class first semester, and I applied all of the skills I learned in that class to all of my other classes.  The only connection I see between my academic studies and my studio making is a slightly deeper meaning behind my pieces (when they correlate with my seminar research).  What made projects  more exciting is when I was able to find something in them that interested me that I was able to relate to throughout the project. Further research helps when I’m doing a project on something concrete like a historical occurrence.


  1. My first highlight is my bridge 3 project I did in studio.  I felt my prework was very in-depth, and my whole process was well-done.  I was very happy with my final product and the meaning behind it.  My whole process, along with images, descriptions, planning, and the final product is outlined in the Learning Portfolio post I did upon completing this project. https://portfolio.newschool.edu/scdavis/2016/10/26/studio-bridge-3/  This project represents my new ability to think through a project really deeply and come out with a project that has a true concept rather than just aesthetic appeal.
  2. My second highlight is another project I did in studio first semester, which was a group project we called “The Living Light.” I was proud of the work I was able to accomplish in a group, and I was very satisfied with the result.  The planning and outcome is laid out in my learning portfolio post I completed for this project last semester. https://portfolio.newschool.edu/scdavis/2016/10/27/studio-bridge-2-the-living-light/     This project represents my ability to work in a team and utilize the individual skills of each team member to come up with a final product that is beautiful and functional.

In conclusion, I feel as though my first year here at Parsons was very successful.  In the future, I want to explore sustainability a lot more and explore the question of how can we eliminate waste in new products. I want to learn new skills including zero-waste pattern making and new ways to recycle materials into fabrics.  In doing this, I will broaden my horizons as a designer and be able to make the effortlessly sustainable clothing I have always wanted to make.

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