Clothing Alteration Assignment

As a collective group for the clothing alteration assignment, we all individually had to bring a piece of clothing that we did not mind to get altered. Everyone had to choose one specific design that we would alter to 17 shirts. Below are some brainstorming ideas that I did.


My final idea for the alteration assignment was a oversized laundry tag that would be pinned with an oversized pin at the bottom right corner of each shirt.


The materials that I used for this assignment was cotton muslin that I had leftover from the laundry bag assignment, fabric pens, scissors, iron and a safety pin.


This picture is of my individual shirt.


The Bag with all the Shirts



First I ironed out the piece of muslin so that I each rectangle was 5 by 8 inches, and totalled to 17 individual rectangles. Then I used a pair of fabric scissors to cut each rectangle individually.


After I cut the pieces, I wrote and drew on all 17 rectangles my design.


The Final Product

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