Dinner Party

The “Dinner Party” assignment was my Space and Materiality Final. For this assignment, I had to create a  dinner table that had the following components: laser lab, alginate molds and plaster positives, model with clay, and 21 linoleum prints. We had to a make unique and creative dinner table that reflected our identity and cultural background. This goal of assignment was to create an integrated installation based on Judy Chicago’s ‘Dinner Party. Also, I had the opportunity to visit the Brooklyn Museum and see the exhibition myself.

My inspirations for this dinner table assignment was my mom’s home made meal when I get sick. At this point of the semester, I really craved my mom’s home cooked meal especially when I was sick and ill. My mom would make me a simple meal that I never knew I would miss so much. The meal consists of porridge, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, and gummy bears. The gummy bears were something that my mom would give me when I was sick as well because when I was sick I would crave them.

The following materials were used for this assignment.

• Fabric

• Alginate

• Plaster

• Clay

• Laser cut / etched wood, chip board, fabric, leather, or acrylic

• Ink / Paint / Collaged materials




This is a personal identification card that replicates ones that were made in ancient times in Korea. The traditional characters is my Korean name. And it has my birth year and my graduation year. I first used the laser lab to cut the name and dates. Then in the wood shop, I cut out the sides and top using a band saw. With a drill press, I made a hole for the red string component that represents status. People who were educated would have the privlege to get one of these tassels on their identification.



I used the alginate to mold a cube to create tofu, and then used plaster for the positive. Tofu was one of the only foods that I could eat when I was sick because I would lose my appetite. However, the tofu went down easy and let me feel less nauseous.


Model an Object with Clay

I used magic clay to create the porridge that my mom used to always cook for me. I created individual rise grains and made a bowl. Then to create a glossy effect, I painted rubber cement over the rice. To add in what resembles egg in the porridge, I painted it using yellow acrylic paint.



Using linocut tools, I carved out the design below. The design is a representation of who I am. The quote, “AMA ET QUOD VIZ FAC” is a latin phrase that translates to “Love, and do as you wish”. It is a phrase that I live by and live up to. As for the prints, we had to post four prints in public areas in New York City.

Additional components

Theses are small bottles that are filled with condiments that were part of the meal that my mom made me. In the following bottles are filled with sesame oil, salt and soy sauce to put flavour into the porridge.


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